No gimmicks. Just sound training principles that will get you results.

Build a strong athletic lower body that is ready for anything life throws at it.

Who’s this for?

This program is designed for people who have experience with weight training, and are looking to improve the size and shape of their butt and legs.

It’s for those who are tired of gimmicks and want a proven plan that is backed with experience and scientific evidence to get you the results you deserve!

Booty Builder Cover

What you get

You’ll receive 8 weeks of workouts designed to GROW, SCULPT, and STRENGTHEN your butt and legs.

  • A badass set of legs that not only look great, but are also much stronger and more powerful.

  • A sense of accomplishment from sticking through the program even when it got hard.

  • The confidence to show off your results and wear those short shorts.

Chris’ workouts give you overnight, subtle gains. One day, you’re starting a new training period, then [the next] you suddenly notice that your hamstrings are bulging, calves are twice their size and quads are super cut.
— Denise B.