Basic movement patterns

When designing training programs, I have a different view point compared to most online trainers, in that I come from the sports performance world so what I choose to do will not only get you in shape and looking better, but it’s going to help you move better and will translate to what you enjoy doing.

Unlike most bodybuilding type programs, I don’t focus on muscles, but instead on major movement patterns. I do this for a few reasons: 1, for training efficiency, most people don’t want to spend hours in the gym, hitting multiple muscle groups at once helps keep sessions short. 2, increase athleticism, focusing on movement patterns increases coordination, strength, and power, in positions that are used in life and sport. 3, increase resiliency, by training movement patterns, this lead to better injury prevention as the tendons and ligaments are trained as well, keeping you healthy and thriving in whatever you choose to do.

Below are the 6 major movement patterns I focus training programs around.

  1. Squat - Back, front, or any other squat variation

  2. Hip Hinge - Think deadlifts and RDL’s

  3. Upper body push (horizontal & vertical) - Bench press, overhead press, or pushups.

  4. Upper body pull (horizontal & vertical) - Pull ups or rows

  5. Lunge - Forward, lateral, or reverse

  6. Core Bracing - Bird dogs, planks, and lots of traditional strength exercises

Simply put, just about every thing that we do, in daily life or in sport can be broken down into one of these major movement patterns, and by focusing on these basics, you can reach a high level of fitness with consistency.

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