Should your workouts crush you?

A common misconception among fitness enthusiasts is that if your workout doesn’t crush you, then it was a waste of time or not as good as it could’ve been. While feeling crushed every now and again is fine, to push the limits every single session definitely isn’t what you should be trying to do. 

This constant pushing will show quick results in endurance levels initially, but within just a few weeks you’ll hit a plateau, or even worse get injured. In addition to stalling out general fitness gains, if you’re trying to add muscle or increase your strength, this is a really inefficient way to do so and you’ll see very slow progress along the way. 

Instead, you should look to find ways to cycle through your hard and easy days. This can be done by alternating each workout and will provide a lot of benefits in terms of keeping you healthy and uninjured, maintain progress for a longer duration without hitting plateaus, and get you excited for your hard days and pushing yourself.