Supplement Don’ts

I often get asked about supplements and which ones people should take. While there are good products from established companies with good manufacturing practices, the vast majority of them are nothing more than a waste of money. 

A few common supplements that I’m consistently asked about are preworkouts, fat burners, and testosterone boosters.

While these are extremely popular products throughout the general population, you’d be surprised that most of the pre-workout products are basically just filled with caffeine and don’t provide any other benefits. Couple this with the fact that I primarily work with athletic populations and this is something I don’t ever recommend. You’re better off finding an activity you look forward to doing than putting these large amounts of caffeine in your body. 

When it comes to testosterone boosters, these provide false benefits if any at all. What I mean by this is that they don’t increase testosterone, or just slightly, but instead use different pathways to just increase libido without any other benefits. So basically false advertising, but again, won’t help you build muscle faster or actually increase testosterone. 

Finally, and the worst of them all are the fat burners. These have almost no evidence of working, and just use exaggerated advertising to target people looking for a quick fix. So unlike testosterone boosters these don’t even have fake benefits, they are just a complete waste of time and money. 

So while there are good products out there’s, these are just a few that I would completely stay away from.

If you’re curious about what products or brands are safe and effective, leave a comment below!