Why You Should Invest In A Performance Coach

I get it, why would you want to pay a large amount of money to have a coach, when you can get a gym membership for less than $20 a month and maybe just hop in a few classes every now and again. Or you can take to the internet and find the latest and greatest workout from your favorite fitness celeb on Instagram and you too can get in the best shape of your life by copying exactly what they say they do (heavy sarcasm here if you can't feel it).

But, this doesn't always work. More often than not, you may not know how to properly perform the exercises. Or maybe you don't have the mobility or strength to get into those advanced positions they so gracefully display. This also doesn't account for what your personal goals are, or how much time you will need to accomplish them. 

Let's say that you're one of the lucky ones though, you're able to fully execute the exercises and can do so well enough to not hurt yourself. And let's say that you also are able to stick with the program for more than a few days, and you actually get through a couple weeks of training. And maybe you even got to see some results after this, but now what? Likely after four weeks or so you'll plateau and stop seeing progress even though you're doing everything they did. Now that's only if you're lucky, more realistically, you will probably end up getting extremely sore the first few workouts and this will deter most people. Or you may stick it out and complete a few weeks of the program but see absolutely no results from it. Either way, you're not where you want to be and it sucks. The reason is that without close monitoring and programming, you will either not have enough of a stimulus to reach your goals, or you may receive too much and it'll absolutely crush you, which could ultimately put you further away from your goal.

But with a structured program, provided by a qualified professional, that adapts to your needs and goals you will see much more success than compared to a cookie cutter program off the internet. In addition to receiving immediate feedback regarding technique, modifications that suit your needs, and a base of knowledge on how to properly structure training sessions, there is the accountability factor. Because anyone with access to the internet and fifteen spare minutes can grab a free training program online that promises them their best self in 30 days, no one sticks with it. This low barrier to exercise programs is what derails many, because there was no effort in finding that program, they're not invested in getting better. They'll tell their friends that they want to change or reach this goal, but won't put any skin in the game. This is by far the biggest upside to investing in a performance coach. Having to report to someone and putting your money where your mouth is, will work miracles in keeping you consistent and on track to reach your goals.

So stop just settling for doing one workout every other week and having to start over each time, invest in a coach now to truly see progress towards your goals!

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