New Year's Resolutions

With the first month of the new year just about over, many health and fitness resolutions are going strong, but sadly even more have already failed or have been given up on. Why is it that so many of us fail to make our resolutions last any longer than a month? And if you are still holding strong you're more than likely on the brink of just saying quit and go destroy a large pepperoni. 

The reason that most resolutions, or any new habit for that matter, fails is that we tend to set too high of goals. We have to work out 5 days a week, eat super "clean" while also eating half of what we used to, all while more than likely trying to change some other non health related habits. While many see this as the road to a healthier life, it's nothing more than a recipe for disaster. These high goals we set leave us nothing but a long hard fall when we fail.

So next time, instead of shooting for the moon, aim a little lower. Make one small change that will be so easy there's no way you can fail. And once you've identified your goal, only make that one change for two to three weeks. After proving to yourself that you're able to do it consistently, make another small change. And continue like this until you look back and notice that you've made huge changes over a long time period but each step towards that goal was small and manageable. It is this way that we can make long lasting changes that will keep us from falling victim to quitting on our resolutions each year.