Why You're Not Losing Weight

So you’re not losing weight and you’re not sure what exactly is going on. Well there are a multitude of reasons as to why this may be happening, but I’ll go over the most common ones I see below.

Why You’re not losing weight

  • Too many calories in - This one is pretty simple, you’re still consuming too many calories and not putting yourself in a caloric deficit.  Whether you’ve decided to go Keto, low fat, vegan, or whatever, if you’re still consuming more calories than you’re expending then you will not lose weight.

  • Not enough calories out - Now you may be exercising consistently, but if you’re following the calorie trackers on most cardio machines then you’re probably not getting an accurate reading. While it can ballpark how many calories you burned, it’s just that and can be off by a whole lot depending on the standard person the machine is preset to. In addition, many people take exercising as an excuse to “eat however they want” and this just leads to too many calories in and not enough out.

  • Too much stress - This is one thing that many people don’t think about. While calories in and out is extremely important to weight loss, too much stress puts our body on red alert so to speak and stimulates hormones to actually hold onto fat in our bodies. 

  • Endless cardio - If you’re only exercise is on the treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike for an hour at a time a couple times a week, then this just isn’t enough. While you can eventually start losing some weight like this, it’s definitely not the most efficient or effective method for weight loss, and will take a ton of time to actually burn a significant amount of calories.

  • Not Consistent - While everything above is important, this is by far the MOST important thing for weight loss. Whether you’re exercising or just starting new nutritional habits, you have to be consistent and give it time. You’re not going to lose weight overnight, or maybe even for a week or two… Your body is adjusting to this new amount of calories being consumed and burned and at first it will do what it can to remain at it’s current normal range. But after a few weeks of consistently following your plan, you should start to see some weight loss. And I’m going tell you now, it’s not going to be like on the biggest loser or what facebook ads say, you won’t lose 30 lbs in a month or even 3 months. It will probably be along the lines of 1-2 lbs per week if everything is dialed in. Anything higher than this and that could raise some red flags as that’s not healthy to do and could be a sign of muscle loss (which you don’t want).

So there you have it, these are some of the most common reasons as to why you’re not losing weight. Now are these the only reasons? Of course not, but start working on these areas and give it some time and let me know how things work out for you.

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